Perry L Duff CEO Mocapcity Productions

Perry L Duff is a filmmaker, blogger, Youtuber, and budding animator. BRIC Media Arts certified, and highly knowledgeable in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Blender, a well known open source, high production animation software program.

He is also highly knowledgeable in SEO (search engine optimization) internet marketing, content creation, content network building, and Social network marketing.


Jeannette Davis,

Actress/Business Administrator and Script-Writer, has been in the entertainment business for over five years. Jeannette Davis started her career as an actress, worked in independent films and accepted background roles in Television shows such as, “Law and Order” and “Without a trace”.

During her time as an actress, Jeannette developed an interest in creating her own writing technique into television. She has written a comedy sitcom “Definition For American Dream”, a web series, and, wrote her first Science Fiction/Horror screenplay named “Tacks”.

In 2016, she has joined with Perry Duff, CEO of Mocapcity Productions Film and Video company, as an Executive Producer, Located in Brooklyn, New York. In 2013, she received college credits at Jones International University.

While attended at this University, Jeannette teamed up with fellow classmates in writing, acting and studied in music. She has also received awards for good work performance and was a successful team leader in education and entertainment programs for children.

Tricia Berry

High School Teacher, Actress, Singer, and Writer born in Queens but raised in Brooklyn, NY. Has worked on student films, independent films, and plays. Starred in independent films such as Lost in Coney Island, Vamp Bikers 1 and 2 by Diamond Mines Films. Love singing, writing, and entertaining any and everyone willing to be entertained.

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