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Criminal stereotype of African Americans

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As of 2001, the likelihood of going to prison in percentages for various

demographic groups in the United States.

The criminal stereotype of African Americans in the United States is an ethnic stereotype according to which African American males, in particular, are stereotyped to be dangerous criminals. The origin of this stereotype is the fact that, even though only an underwhelming minority of African Americans have ever committed any kind of crime, as a demographic they are proportionally over-represented in the numbers of those that do commit crime: For example, according to official FBI statistics,[3] in 2013 51.3% of people arrested for murder were African American (an overwhelming majority of which were males); even though African American people account only for 13.4% of the total United States population.[4] The figure of the African-American man as a criminal has appeared frequently in American popular culture, further reinforcing this image in the collective unconscious (in the form of this negative stereotype).