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Supremacist Bigotry, Prejudice Examples And The Black Panther Movie - MocapCity Productions

The Supremacist Bigotry Mindset Behind The Black Panther Success And Other Prejudice Examples

The Marvel cinematic universe has had an amazing string of hits with The Avengers, Spiderman, Thor, the fantastic four, X men and others. But to date, none of them has had the success of the Black Panther movie. And the Supremacist Bigotry mindset Behind that success is what I want to talk about today.

The Black Panther movie has reached over $1 billion worldwide in less than a month. But to be perfectly honest, I’m really not surprised at this success. The success of the Black Panther movie is in my opinion, the result of a shifting Supremacist Bigotry mindset from an old bigotry standard.

Allow me to explain. When you actually see movies like Superman, Wonderwoman, Thor from Asgard, or super beings like Galactus, or Thanos, or Darkside, what do you really see? What you actually see is a lingering mindset of Supremacist Bigotry And Other Prejudice Examples that stretches everywhere throughout the cosmos and throughout all history past, present and future.

Just how pervasive is this old bigotry mindset? Well, let’s start with Superman. He’s from Krypton right? A planet of highly evolved alien beings from the most advanced race in the entire universe. A race of white European aliens? How about Wonderwoman? A warrior princess from an unknown island of white European women? How about Thor of Asgard? A Norse God from a race of white European immortals. Am I Correct?

Wait a minute? Don’t we have Heimdal a black immortal all-seeing God? Yes, we do. A black God who is kept outside the city to man the gates. Can you say “security”? And why does this sound familiar to me? Do we have the villain Thanos correct? Yes, we do. Thanos is a cosmically powerful purplish god-like being who came from a race called the eternal’s residing on a moon of Saturn called Titan. And also a race of white European aliens am I correct?

What about the villain Darkseid? A cosmically powerful black colored DC comics new age God who originally was a being called Uxas, a farmer from a planet of white European aliens? How about Galactus? Or his herald, the Silver Surfer? Galactus came from a universe that existed prior to our current one from a planet called TAA. A race of white European aliens.

And the Silver Surfer came from Shala Baal. A planet of again, of, you guessed it, white European Aliens? And the Supremacist Bigotry doesn’t stop there. There’s the long-running Star Trek series with almost every advanced race, the Vulcans, the Romulans, the Bjorans, the Cardashians, the Ferengi, the Trill, the rulers of the Dominion, and yes the Klingons too.

All white European aliens with a minority of black ones relegated to simple subservient roles. How about the once popular show Stargate SG1? Or Stargate Atlantis? You had the Ancients, the Nox, the Ori, the Wraith, the Replicators, the Goauld, all white European aliens along with just about every other planet the stargate travelers went to through that stargate!

How about Ridley Scott’s Prometheus? A planet inhabited by chalk white European aliens called the “engineers”? And the baddies? Pitch black creatures with mouths within their mouths that feast on you. I mean I could go on with this Supremacist Bigotry mindset but the results would pretty much be the same, with a few minor exceptions. Its no wonder why movies like MIB (men in black) became an instant hit.

For the first time, you not only saw aliens who did not look like white European aliens, they didn’t even look human! At long last, the creative bubble was finally burst. And now you have the Black Panther. A highly successful kick butt movie that has nothing to do with white European aliens, and little to do with European people here on earth too! No wonder the Black Panther is so successful. Its the first of its kind, that completely flips the traditionally bigoted subconsciously supremacist former SciFi movies and other prejudice examples on its head!