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Blaxploitation Films are racist?

Back in the early '70s, I loved to watched Blaxploitation films. The performance art culture of African-Americans played as villains and distrustful role models. But, I also believe Hollywood look at African-Americans culture as stereotypes. All Blaxploitation films...

Death Penalty:

Jeannette Davis, Co-Host of 'The Hustlers Corner' Podcast. Death Penalty: How do we feel about the Death Penalty? Today, there are innocent people are on Death Penalty for crimes they haven't committed, and these same innocent people had confirmed their alibi. But,...

Violence in Relationship:

Jeannette Davis, Co-Host of 'The Hustlers Corner' Podcast. As we continue to trust our loved ones in relationship we never knows what can makes a person snapped and developed a violence actions upon us. There are many people today (Men and Women) in jail because due...

Black Crimes

Criminal stereotype of African Americans From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search As of 2001, the likelihood of going to prison in percentages for various demographic groups in the United States. The criminal stereotype of African...

default | Quanel X

Source: default | Quanel X Quanel X and the defraudment of the black community please like, share, comment, and subscribe, thank you

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