Jeannette Davis 
Actress/script writer/executive producer

Jeannette Davis is an actress/Business Administrator and Script-Writer. She has been in the entertainment industry for over five years. She started her career as an actress, worked in independent films and accepted background roles in Television shows such as, “Law and Order” and “Without a trace”. During her time as an actress, Jeannette developed an interest in creating her own writing technique into television. She has written a comedy sitcom called “Essence, beauty salon”, a web series, and, wrote her first Science Fiction/Horror screenplay named “Tacks”.

In 2016, She has teamed up with Perry Duff, CEO of MocapCity Productions Film and Video company, as an Executive Producer, located in Brooklyn, New York City. In 2013, Jeannette Davis received college credits at Jones International University. During attendance she teamed up with fellow classmates in writing, acting and studied in music. She also received awards for good work performance and as a successful team leader in education and entertainment programs for children.

Perry L Duff


Perry L Duff is a film maker, visual, and special effects artist residing in NYC. Born in Virginia, Perry spends his time working at home honing his craft or working hard on his job to raise money for his Production company. He is currently enrolled in BRIC Media arts in downtown Brooklyn for his certification in the TV Studio class.

A first of many more to come. Preferring to spend time behind the scenes making the magic happen rather than being in front of the camera, Perry intensely studies the tools necessary to bring high quality to his productions. He is skilled in the use of Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, and Blender, a well known animation program.

 Our Valuable Team Members

Meet the Ladies first

Amelia Moore


Amelia Moore (aka Ameliaismore) is an Actress, TV Host, Journalist, Marketer, Executive. With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment business from acting on set to running record labels to even hosting TV shows, Ameliaismore can do and does it all! She stays busy as CEO of Buzz Builder (BMC). A consulting firm that creates marketing and branding strategies/campaigns for their clients.  Buzz Builder gets their clients known using their brand and company marketing created for their clients.

The company lives by the adage: “You are only as good as who knows how good you are!” The question for their clients is simple. If you are the best yet unknown what are you?  Buzz Builder’s mission is to get their clients known using their brand and company DNA as the foundation to the skyscraper of success Buzz Builder creates for their clients. Amelia is also producer and host of her own internet TV shows; “Daily Dose TV”, “Out and About in NYC.” “On the Block w/Ameliaismore” and co-producer of “Hop Hop Tour 2013” Currently, Amelia hosts red carpets for her new business venture called: Red Carpet Rentals (where everyone is a star!) Lastly as a freelance journalist she writes blogs and articles for,, and a health and wellness blog  

Next year Amelia will be launching her first book that is an executive handbook to female diversity training. Entitled; SheEO vs CEO Amelia hopes her book will help men understand what it means to be a female executive and also enable women to become C Level executives. Her new TV show; “Different Views One Voice”   on MNN(think Charlie Rose meets Gil Noble) was received well as a special and will be a weekly series on the public access network in 2017.  As if all of that is not enough she also will be hosting various shows for a new streaming network  For the past four years, Amelia has been blogging and hosting their red carpet specials and special events. She is excited to be part of the launch in 2017.  A resident of Harlem (NYC) Amelia is most excited with her two new columns; A’s Thoughts and All In a Day with Ameliaismore in a new Harlem newspaper called; The Harlem Dispatch.   @ameliaismore is your host with the most who is Moore than what you bargain for… so stay tuned for Moore! Peace!

 Alicia Fogg


Alicia E. Fogg is an Administrative Assistant who is also a model and actress. She enjoys cooking, roller skating, swimming, and dancing in hip-hop, salsa, and merengue. In her spare time, she does track, weightlifting, and sewing. An experienced theater performer, she has performed as “Trisha” in “Big Girls Need Love Too”. She’s also a seasoned actress with short films such as  “Carol” in “Good As Gold”,  “Destiny” in “Black Power”, “Tasha” in    “Close Call”, and “Lacey” in  “Back To Life”. She’s also performed in music videos such as a dancer in “So hot/Dream Girl” by Dagoldenboy,  “Another Round” by J to the S,   “Match made in Harlem” by Daalight and as the actress “Poison Pen” in  “Five in the Morning” 

She’s also performed in music videos such as a dancer in “So hot/Dream Girl” by Dagoldenboy,  “Another Round” by J to the S,   “Match made in Harlem” by Daalight and as the actress “Poison Pen” in  “Five in the Morning”  Alicia can be reached by emailing her at


JJ Mattise


JJ Mattise is a comedienne born and raised in New York City. She grew up in a two-parent home with three siblings, a family often compared to the Cosby’s. She went to college and pursued a degree in Graphic design but found her passion as an entertainer and event host. She had her first date with the comedy stage at Laugh Lounge in New York Cities Lower East Side eight years ago and fell in love at first mic. She has since gone on to perform at the New York Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club and Stand Up NY just to name a few. She has also co-founded, an online magazine dedicated to covering various New York City topics of interest and entertainment.You can also check her out in here series “JJMattise on the Streets” on JJ has also hosted the NY festival and tv semi-finalist web series “Brooklyn’s Best”. JJ Mattise is a multi-talented entertainer who believes that as a comedian you have the power to be anything you want and humor fits in even when you don’t!

 Tricia Marie Berry


Tricia Marie Berry  High School Teacher, Actress, Singer, and Writer born in Queens but raised in Brooklyn, NY. Has worked on student films, independent films, and plays.  Starred in independent films such as Lost in Coney Island, Vamp Bikers 1 and 2 by Diamond Mines Films. Love singing, writing and entertaining any and everyone willing to be entertained. Tricia can be reached at


Lois White


Lois White  was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Brooklyn & Roosevelt Long Island. A NY Die-hard sport enthusiast Lois is a Tournament bowler from NY to Vegas to Ohio & upstate NY and a softball pitcher. She worked for Verizon before stepping into the acting World. Her first movie “Marci X”  was with Damon Wayans. She has also worked with Blair Underwood On indie films, music videos, and photo shoots. She has also worked with Will Smith in “I am Legend”, Denzel Washington in “American Gangster”, Jamie Fox in “Spider-man”, and performed on all the Law & Order series “SVU, Criminal Intent”. Her impressively long list of acting credits includes “The Good Wife”, “Blue Bloods”, “Elementary”, “Homeland”, and 2 yrs as a regular on “Orange ls The New Black”, and “Gotham”.  She now takes a principal role on the ID Channel and is also is a political activist.

Meet the gentlemen

Macquell James


 Macquell James  Born (Dec 28, 1991), David Macquell James is a Buffalo New York Native, actor, and veteran who spent his second half of teenage years Jacksonville Florida before joining the army. As a  model, he’s done work for companies such as Nike, United Mens, and Best Buy. Right now he is currenlty acting, writing, and modeling around the states . He is known for his acting off and on screen .Macquell has been featured in numerous productions of Films, TV and Stand Up. He is currently acting in “Crime Heights” and “Bloods, Crips and Essays”.

Nate Moran


Nate Moran is a Virginia native, who is a southerner at heart raised by his grandmother. Having an interest in the entertainment industry when he was a child, his mother would give him 50 cents to perform dance routines in front of her friends. “I would do a James Brown split,” Moran said. Introduced to his first dance contest In second grade, Moran won at his first competition. In the coming years, however, his journey was less than sweet. After moving to New York in the 1990s, Moran began drinking heavily. An occasional sip on alcoholic beverages turned into a petulant early morning to mid-afternoon craving for alcohol. Moran admitted himself to a hospital on Long Island, where he received treatment for his alcoholism. “I went to a program to get myself together,” Moran said.

The skills he gained in the 30-day program helped to recharge his goals and aspirations. He got a job and saved up for an apartment in Huntington, N.Y. It has been nearly 10 years since Moran has consumed alcohol. As an interpretive dancer, actor and musician Moran hopes to expand his brand. In 2011, he won a dance competition in which he performed to Usher’s hit song, “There Goes My Baby.” A few years ago, the former war veteran was selected to perform at the Veteran Creative Arts Festival. Moran has dozens of videos of his nationwide performances on his YouTube channel,“Realschool1.” When Moran walks through Penn Station or on the sidewalks of New York, he knows that dance has moved him past the streets. Dressed in a black tux with white makeup painted on his face, Moran can now rest easy with a home on stages across the nation.

Sheldon Henry


Sheldon Henry …………….. executive producer of “The Sheldon Henry Show”. Profile coming soon